Liquid Petrolium Gas has a clean burning nature, reliability and cost efficiency. Many customers are reaping the benefits of making South West Gas LPG their number one energy choice. LPG is an energy source that differs significantly from natural gas and electricity. It can be stored and transported in containers. This allows the gas to reach you easily and conveniently.

Millions of Australians benefit from the convenience, economy and safety provided by LPG.

Most houses in Dunsborough, Yallingup, Eagle Bay and Vasse rely on bottled gas and South West Gas are your friendly local supplier. 

More consumers are realising the superior performance of LPG in many applications and its easy accessibility through South West Gas. These services provide customers with better choices to meet their energy needs. Benefits of South West Gas LPG in your home are instant warmth from gas heating, endless hot water supply, fast controlled cooking and an economical, highly efficient, reliable energy source.

LPG is used in many household applications including cooking, barbecues, water and space heating, giving you instant heat and warmth when you need it. LPG for household use usually comes in the form of 45kg cylinders. Some regulations apply to the location of these cylinders.

I hope we have the privilege of supplying LPG to you soon.

Contact South West Gas on 9756 7655 to arrange for us to be your bottled LPG gas supplier.